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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    @ Prius drivers and the like!

    So as I said in my last post, I now go door to door for a non-profit called Clean Water Action and there are several things that just boggle my mind! First off I am looking for donations, but also just signatures showing support and I make this clear. Now we come to the people I don't understand.
    Example 1. I talked to you for 10 minutes, I already support save our springs (a group we co-founded), but I won't sighn for you showing my support for your water conservation innitiative... duh what? how is this rational?
    Example 2. I already work for sierra club, but leave me some info and I might contact you. Great, good for you working with sierra club, but that doesn't excuse from general social responsibility!
    Example 3. I drive a prius and have a rainwater collection barrel along with xero scaping in my yard, but no... I'm not interested in clean water or any environmental issues. Now this guy is iether just dumb, or is lieing to me... I mean WTF!
    Like I get it, people that come to your door are kind of annoying, but its just baffling to me the number of people who clearly have a good level of issue agreement with our campaign yet still refuse to even sighn the paper. These people annoy me more then people who are just like... nope not interested in environmental concerns. Like hell, even the old lady who said she didn't believe in government sighned the paper, it takes less time then telling me no and making me go away. Stupidity Abounds!

    Monday, January 26, 2009

    I GOT A JOB!

    I am now a community organizer with Clean Water Action here in Austin TX! So basically I go door to door, maybe if your lucky, ill come to your door! Jobs are good....

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Signs of Evolution or the Borg have arrived!

    So I have noticed something I find interesting. As a child I remember seeing deer on the side of the road as somewhat of a fearfilled event. You never knew wether they were going to randomly jump out infront of or into your car or start to run across the road then come back at you from the other side, there was really no telling. But nowadays I see deer standing on the side of the road, and they look both ways (I kid you not I have seen this) and if a car is coming the just calmly stand there and watch it go past then walk across behind it. I explain this one of two ways, either it is a sign that evolution is occuring through natural selection, the smarter deer survive because they dont get hit by cars the dumber ones are killed so their genetic material doesn't get past on. This proposition is scary because it means we are soon going to get freakishly smart deer that not only understand not to run into cars, but also know how to hijack them and will some day take over the world. Perhaps option two might be better, the borg have arrived... in deer form. They have a collective conscience that eventually learned that cars travel for the most part on roads, so to avoid cars, avoid standing on roads when cars are coming, but if you are on the grass you are ok. This proposition is similiarly frightening, the thought that when one deer knows something they all do is... in fact... terrifying. Think about it this way, your grass tastes particularly good to some deer one day, next thing you know ALL THE DEER come to eat your grass. You no longer have a yard, just a dirt patch covered in poo. Granted this will in a year or two be very fertile ground, right now IT SUCKS!!

    P.S. Warm Flaky biscuits are the shit. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be dissasociated with immediatly and outcast from society. They don't need to be eaten with a meal, or with anything, they are just... AWESOME!
    On the side bar you will now see a link to my campeighn. This campaign has been started to help me raise money for my winery. The cool thing is, you just have to pledge a dollar now, but you won't actually have to give it up unless we reach $100,000. So join up and give a buck, I mean what the fuck man, its just sitting around the house anyway put that lazy ass dollar to work!

    Saturday, January 24, 2009


    This is my random rants. As the name implies there will be no theme or reason for the blog. It will simply be a place for me to put down in the everlasting annals of web history the random thoughts that come through my head, the things that piss me off and make me happy and anything else I chose to talk about. What you will probably see are criticisms of society and current affairs, general hate spewing towards stupidity and all things associated with it and maybe just maybe a little kernel of truth every once in a while.