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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Verizon store

    What I learned at the Verizon store... they don't really know anything. I talked to two different reps who looked at my phone, one told me it wasn't working because their was a lot of dust under the keyboard and screen screwing up the connection, the other said it was because of water damage without even looking at anything but the battery and inside of the batter holding area. They both looked for a replacement phone for me, then figured out after finding one that I don't qualify for a replacement because I don't have insurance so I could either pay $54 to get a replacement or use an upgrade on the account and get the same phone but new for $20. They also don't know anything about phones, I asked him if the Storm was a better phone then the pearl and he said yes. Then I asked why and he struggled to produce a reason so I asked if it had better connectivity or something to which he said no and stumbled over his own words for a minute trying to tell me why I should get the storm, which was $200 instead of the $20 pearl. He also then recommended the $99 curve over the pearl and when asked why simply said because it was bigger and better but could do all the same things. So really its just bigger then the pearl, which I don't like, so I got another pearl. In an effort to take better care of this one I got a hard case for it and ordered some plastic skins that should help keep dust and moisture out of the phone. Long story short, people working at Verizon are more or less worthless in terms of the information they can provide you with.

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