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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    The Brethren Democracy

    I am not convinced by our two party political system and our checks and balances, I mean maybe it's the best practicable system but there has to be a better way. I like the Pirate version of democracy, and after all, they were some of the first Democratic visitors to this country (Not sure what all the different native American tribes did they could have been the first). Anyways as anyone who knows about sailing will tell you aboard a sailing ship there is no room for discussion, there really isn't room for anything but sailing. This would only be amplified I'm sure by the life of a pirate, having to chose where to go, making fighting decisions, you can't sit down and talk about that and put it through two different voting bodies. So how then could the Brethren of the Coast, as pirates on the America's called themselves run as a democracy? It was what I call a monarchical democracy, meaning once elected the captain's word was law, you didn't debate the captain, you just did as he said, this is the only way for a ship to function smoothly. However, the captain can be impeached at any time, talk about a lack of job security, so if the crew feels that the captain is making orders not in their own best interest they are free to hold a new vote and elect a new captain and the old captain has to step down. Now perhaps this isn't practicable on the scale of a country, but is just seems more appealing then our current system. I say long live the Brethren and there democracy!

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