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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Thoughts from I35

    Over the weekend I took a jaunt up I35 to visit my girlfriend in Waco, and along the way had some interesting thoughts.
    1. Consciousness and the awareness of our own mortality is an interesting and terrifying thing. We won't dwell on this for it only leads to dark dizzying spirals, but you have to wonder...
    2. Why don't car radios have a CB setting. They have AM and FM, why not CB. I was stuck in traffic and I couldn't help but feel that all the truckers knew something I didn't, well I want to know damn it!
    3. Why is everythining about numbers. Jobs, Schools, life... its not about being a good person, being a smart person or even being a person at all. If a bear had the rite LSAT and GPA he could get into UT Law... but he would just eat all professors, clearly bears shouldn't go to law school, but if he had the rite numbers, he'd get admitted. Or perhaps the real reason we are losing so many jobs is because they are being farmed out to moose in the remote reaches of Canada, turns out they had the rite credentials. But a moose can't do our jobs, he'll he can't even read... but... they have the right credentials. Does it ever make you want to shoot someone? Has our society become so detached that no one can trust their own judgement of a person so they have to rely on arbitrary numbers and credentials? What happened in our society to make go down this infuriating path where thought fullness and intelligence are passed over and ignorance put in its place?
    4. I should be KING OF THE WORLD! and not in that gay Titanic way... in the I rule this shit way. Why you might ask should I be kind of the world instead of you... and I cant really tell you. Perhaps you would be a good king of the world too, but someone should be king, I am going to conduct interviews... and no.. I don't want to see your resume... or your credentials for being king of the world, I just want to talk to you. Now the ignorant people are saying... what... no resumes.. no credentials... no test I can take to prove I'm worthy... I... I ... I just have to TALK!?!?! BUT BUT BUT NO FARE! Yes... its true... if you just talk to people you can find out if they are legitimately worthy of being the King of the world or not and have you talked to me lately? I mean come on... I'm a shoe in!


    1. I wish there was a way to communicate with other cars too! And not just the truckers. Sometimes I want to tell other people that one of their lights is out or something.

    2. You don't want to tell them their light is out... you just wanna be able to yell explitives out them like... "MOVE ***** GET OUT THE WAY... GET OUT THE WAY"