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    Saturday, February 7, 2009

    No Longer Door to Door

    After a very brief stent with Clean Water Action I am no longer doing door to door canvassing, its just not my thing. I am back in the world of the unemployed, but focussing most of my energy towards getting all the paper in order to seek fundraising for my winery idea. I haven't really been able to remember any of the things that have been setting me off lately, but Micrsoft manage to annoy me. I own a legitimate copy of Office 2003, so I went to install is on my new computer, sadly I was missing one of the install discs. However, I had my cd-key and all the other product verification information so I thought no worries, surely I can go online and get a digital copy from Microsoft's website. No... there is no way to do this, Microsoft instead wanted me to call their tech support, spend forever on the phone with them, then PAY THEM to send me another copy of the CD. FUCK THAT SHIT! I went to Pirate Bay and dled a mountable image of the software. I dont like pirateing software, I try to avoid it, but after spending two hours trying to get Microsoft to let me have a legitimate copy of the program, I decided they deserved it. I have not yet installed said copy, but hopefully my CD key will work with it making no longer a pirated copy.

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