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    Monday, March 9, 2009


    There are strange things afoot in the skies over Austin... strange indeed I say. It all started when the radio said, "traffic is backed up on southbound Mo-Pac due to a helicopter crash" What? Helicopter Crash... Mo-Pac, what is happening here. Turns out there was no crash, just an emergency landing in Zilker park. Strange, but not all together unreasonable, but then I noticed there have been lots of helicopters around lately. I saw one buzzing around over some streets as I was driving just following the streets, and low to the ground. Today one buzzed really low over my neighborhood. Then I saw four twin propeller huge military transport helicopters flying in a close formation line right over downtown earlier today. What is happening? Are we being invaded? Is the national helicopter flying convention going on in conjunction with SXSW? I mean seriously... this is odd!

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