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    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    People come here?

    So according to my google analytics, someone actually comes here other then my girlfriend. Whoever you are mystery person, thank you, you brightened my day.
    On another note I installed this game Entropia Online the other day, its an MMORPG type thing with the caveat that it has a real cash economy. Every piece of coin in the game represents a dime basically. The cool thing, kind of, is that you can convert back your in game money to real coin, so you can potentially make money at this game. That's why I installed it, however, it turns out you can't really make money at it. There are winners in this game that make money, but they either started a long time ago, when the economy was still sorting itself and there for acquired assets at a cheap price because people really didn't know what it was worth, or they spend a lot of money upfront to get commodities in the game then recoup their money over time. So I guess I could still make money, but it would take a relatively large investment on my part, and I don't know that I want to dump that much money into a game. Plus, in the end, the game HAS to be a net sum loss for players. There is no subscription fee, and no cost to get the game, so somewhere the studio is making money out of the in game economy, meaning they won't give out more money then they take in. These factors combined, along with a somewhat clunky game interface, lack of storyline, and basic like of gameness to this "game, made me decide to stop playing it after a very short time.

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