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    Friday, March 27, 2009

    Things I want/need to buy

    This list is more for my own convenience then anyone who reads this, I just seem to forget what I want when I get money and waste it on silly things then when I don't have any money go OOOH YEAH! I've been meaning to buy....

    1. Windows (64 bit vistas preferably, but would settle for 64 bit xp) The 30 day free trail I use on my desktop and reinstall every 30 days is getting kinda annoying, what with the reinstalling every 30 days and all.

    2. A new laptop, my old one bit the dust and I do love my desktop, but sometimes you just need a little mobility

    3. A second GPU for my Desk Top, there is no good reason for this other then I think it would be sweet and well... computers are just another way to say HAHA MINES BIGGER THEN YOURS!

    4. A good surfing wetsuit, this will probably wait till next winter because it is getting warm enough to not need it now, but there is a portion of the year where its not terribly cold outside but the water temp is killer, for this part of the year I would like a wetsuit.

    5. A massage, not really on par with everything else cost wise, but still one of those luxury things that if I would like to have.

    I think that's it for now, I'm sure more will come to me

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